Serve Yourself to Success!

By Lynda Gale

Success. Such an ambivilant term, so many definitions different for everyone, changing over time, sometimes seemingly impossible to fully grasp and other times firmly planted within our reach.

Regardless of what success is for you, at any time or dressed in any suit; history has demonstrated a common pathway with guaranteed, learnable, repeatable results. A simple answer, that is often overlooked or treated with a level of unimportance, and sometimes even contempt, hidden in plain sight – the guaranteed pathway to success is the simple act of service.

When our willingness to serve others is greater than our need for immediate gain or gratification, magic happens, a shift that brings amazing results and delivers success.

Quick Tips to Serve Yourself to Success

1) Smile – it is contagious, infectious and fun

2) Be in the moment – be present and concious of who you are with, what you are doing and why you are doing it

3) Go the extra mile – be prepared to do what others will not!

If you are unable to serve your customers with the products and services you offer; be prepared to assist them in finding their solution somewhere else. Crazy you say! I think not, in fact, I know not!

The ultimate act of service is to fulfil the want or need of your customer; how you do this is irrelevant, the fact that you are willing to go elsewhere to satisfy them is reverent!

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