5 Short, Sharp and Shiny Reasons To Give Up Worrying and Get On With Business!!

Office lady being scared because of too much paperwork to do

How many times have you been inspired and come up with some absolutely brilliant plans ….and then done nothing about it?

How many businesses are losing out on the ‘big breaks’ because one person, who has a great idea or solution allows their doubt and worry to hold them back; how many amazing opportunities are being missed in the world?

I cannot tell you the answer to these questions, because I would lose count too quickly!

Too often we get caught up in our own head space and allow worry to filter through and block us. Great ideas go to waste, we lose sleep over the little things, stress levels rise.

Worry is an extended form of fear based on indecision! Nothing will wear you down faster then fretting and worrying (here are some of the list-toppers we worry about); What will [insert names here] think? What if it doesn’t work? What if I look stupid?

What if……….. the list can be endless – and pointless because most of the things we worry about are theoretical rather than fact – yet; we can become paralyzed worrying about nothing!

So let’s look at the stats and see – once and for all – what it is we ‘really’ have to worry about!

1.    40% of the things we worry about come from the past, they have already                happened – Let It Go!

2.    30%  of the things we worry about Never Actually Happen!

3.   12% are needless worries usually about inconsequential things that will have no real impact.

4.   10% are very low, petty things that we have a choice to either build a drama around, or simply let go of the if’s, but’s or maybe’s and get a good night’s  sleep.

5.    8% are possible realities; of these ONLY 4% are really something you can              control or do anything about, the other 4% are controlled by external factors outside of you and the actions you take.

So the Reality Is that ONLY 4% of the things we worry about are actually relevant, and we have the power to control possible outcomes through the decisions we make.

Can you imagine if you just focused your attention on possible solutions for the things you can control or change – how much you could achieve, how much time wasted could you save, and how much extra sleep or fun you could have??

Worry takes you out of the game, it strips any enjoyment from life; it can consume you and forces you to operate from a place of fear rather than strength. Worry depresses your immune system and can have adverse affects on your mental and physical health.

So what are you worrying about…..Really!!!

Click here to access our ‘Worry Buster’ infographic – 4 Simple Steps to Stop Worrying Now!

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