Lynda Gale is the founder and director of 3P Concepts; a leader in the professional development and training industry.

Using the principles she teaches, Lynda combines her unique brand of ‘straight talk with heart’.

Lynda specialises in Communication and Leadership Development. She is a highly motivated and experienced leader, who understands the challenge of creating and establishing change in the workplace, and the flow-on effects that can affect and have a massive impact into your personal space.

Lynda is a ‘behaviour’ specialist, from the age of 4 years, growing up in a ‘country pub’ owned by her parents, then later working in retail and hospitality industries,  she has had the opportunity to watch, study and interact with people, observing their behaviour ~sometimes at their very best, and others at their very worst; identifying the ‘hidden’ patterns and structures that are part of our every day lives.

From over 30 years of study and research, she has developed a series of programs designed to ‘unlock what we already know ~ but which is hidden from us under a life time of conditioning and misinformation’ – the very key that serves our most basic human needs – to be heard, to be listened to, to be understood, to be accepted, to be loved. Lynda’s programs and courses break down the layers of ‘communication’ using a very simple and systemised approach – the KEY to communicating and connecting ~ at home, at work, at play.

Lynda is passionate about the ‘Power of Communication’.

Nothing is Impossible ~ The are No Limits!

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