When we set goals for what we want to achieve, what level is your commitment at? A quick check will help you in making decisions on whether to proceed, postpone or reassess your goals.

Ask yourself “what level am I committed at from 1-10?”
If your number is 8 or below, maybe it’s time to reassess, it may save you time and serve your better in the long term.

If you are committed but not yet at a level 10, ask yourself “what else do I need to make this happen?”, make a list, delegate anything someone else can do, set a timeframe and put it into your diary to ‘make’ time for these tasks and remove other distractions.

One of the most important things about commitment is our ability to stay focused on our goals, one of my mentors; Mack Newton shares an easy solution to keeping focused and committed. Every week diarise time (the same time every week to form a strong habit), for you to recap your current goals and commitments and make any adjustments necessary to keep on track. By reviewing your goals and commitments every week, you are reinforcing your intention and refocusing on what you have set out to achieve.

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by Lynda Gale
Being grateful for the things in your life, your adventures, experiences, friends, families and even strangers that pass by – the good things, the great things and Everything else in between.
When we find gratitude every day for whatever ‘life’ delivers – we are ‘showing up’, BE-ing Present, noticing what happens in our life instead… of watching it pass by like a movie reel.
The SECRET – what you show gratitude for is what will ‘show up’ in your life, the good things, the great things – be grateful and open to receiving every ‘gift’ that is delivered, for this is what you ‘ordered’ – so be present and be clear on what you wish for, and be thankful.
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