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5 Short, Sharp and Shiny Reasons To Give Up Worrying and Get On With Business!!

How many times have you been inspired and come up with some absolutely brilliant plans ….and then done nothing about it? How many businesses are losing out on the ‘big breaks’ because one person, who has a great idea or … Continue reading

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5 Reasons To Celebrate Your Mistakes!

Have you ever experienced that moment when you hit the ‘enter’ button on your keyboard and in that exact second you realise you have made a mistake – not just any mistake…HUGE¬†Right! My (Monumental)¬†Mistake! Last week I sent out my … Continue reading

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Serve Yourself to Success!

By Lynda Gale Success. Such an ambivilant term, so many definitions different for everyone, changing over time, sometimes seemingly impossible to fully grasp and other times firmly planted within our reach. Regardless of what success is for you, at any … Continue reading

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